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Who Am I?

Len Ramsay

I’m a fortunate man, really enjoying my life and my work. I am well, and I remember not being well; anxious, depressed, traumatized and clinically diagnosed with various psychiatric ailments. Life threw me some awful curves and I’ve experienced the therapy world as a client for many hundreds of hours in several of its forms. I have acted badly and I apologize to those I’ve hurt. I won’t indulge my humility here but I’ll be open if you ask. My practice is built in part on my personal experiences of suffering, change, and growth.

I am a Registered Therapist in the Province of Ontario and a graduate of the University of Toronto, Transformational Arts College and Gestalt Institute of Toronto. I have an MBA from Ivey, lots of certifications and qualifications and a rich history in business, coaching, and therapy.

I was born in Winnipeg in 1953, and made my first career as an athlete. Since then I have been a successful Entrepreneur, Senior Executive, Educator, Coach, Counsellor and Therapist. Now it’s mostly Therapy. My family makeup is Scottish, Polish, Ukranian, German and Italian. I’ve lived in Chile and a piece of my heart is from there. I have lived through marriage, divorce and remarriage and now have four wonderful adult children and a loving life partner.

I identify as heterosexual male and count every variety of gender identification and sexual preference among my friends and colleagues. I am a cyclist and adventurer, a voracious reader, an avid student of life and of human nature. I am musical and playful, a sailor and a pilot. I build and fix things and I endeavor to be thankful and mindful as much of the time as I can … and that’s a lot of the time.

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