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Assessment and Diagnosis

I am trained to do therapy with a person who has been diagnosed with a mental illness and I collaborate with other mental health professionals and medical doctors where a Clinical Assessment, Psychiatric Diagnosis or prescription drugs are part of leaving illness behind and becoming well.

You are first of all a person to me, a human individual, even when you present as part of a group or couple. I do not perform medical diagnosis or work from a rigid diagnostic framework, but I treat it as an important piece of what you present to me when you show up. No two people are the same.

I do not prescribe drugs, and I will collaborate with your physician or psychiatrist and sometimes refer you for a medical opinion or the prescription of drugs that can help.   I am strongly against the “Band-Aid solutions of prescribed medications” that attract the ire of so many mental health professionals and at the same time, I find that psychopharmaceuticals can sometimes importantly allow and support effective therapy.

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