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I was a coach before practicing therapy, working with competitive athletes first, and later sales professionals, their managers, and their leaders. A goal, Strategy, and Action are conceptual pieces that apply to coach practice in both business and personal issues. In some therapy that is more skills-oriented, the same pieces apply and a coaching framework can be useful and effective.

Mission and Vision are pieces that in business or personal work address deeper issues of what it’s all about for you whether you are a person or a business organization.

The link from coaching to counselling and therapy is visible in polarity work  “…as chaos theory, complex adaptive systems theory and complexity science point out, seeking an order (conformity) to the exclusion of chaos (disagreement) can lead to the destruction or mediocre functioning of a system.” Barry Johnson, Polarity Management: Identifying and solving unsolvable problems, 2014.

In a well-functioning person, there has to be a little “chaos” too, to transcend mediocre functioning.

In Life Coaching, we can Identify 1/ what is important to you, 2/ environmental opportunities and constraints and 3/ your resources. Then we set goals and determine a strategic frame for the approach you’ll use to achieve those goals. Next, we develop and execute, monitor and correct tactical actions in alignment with the strategic frame to achieve the goal that furthers progress in the mission to manifest the vision.

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