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Group Therapy

“An overarching goal of group therapy is to provide a safe forum for the exploration of inner feelings while generating a greater capacity for self-understanding and for empathy toward self and others. The unique framework of Group Therapy offers a corrective experience and a reframing of the narrative of members’ lives” B Mark-Goldstein & D Siegel, The Mindful Group 2015.

Responsibility is the keystone of the group therapeutic process. Group members learn how their behavior is viewed by others, how they make others feel, how their actions impact others and so reflect on their views of themselves. You learn to live better with your self and others.

Groups run from 7:30 to 9:30 in Oakville and Toronto in 5-week series with a cost of $300 for the 5 evenings Please eMail or call 416-917-3546 for scheduling information and to see if it would be a good thing for you.

As a process group, we deal with whatever comes up, in a safe environment. You can expect that what is meaningful and interesting to you will come up, and your emotional intelligence will grow.

Groups take some work to put together, so if you are interested, please contact me directly with plenty of lead time.

An intake interview is required to ensure the group is safe and growth oriented.

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