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Counseling and Therapy

The Terminologies of Counseling and Therapy Get Mixed Up Often So Here Is My Meaning

Counseling implies giving advice – that can be appropriate and helpful. It can be a part of therapy. The tougher issues in therapy, the ones that cause deep pain and suffering, are not fully subject to the kind of rational conscious control that counseling advice helps with.

Here is a recent quote about clients experiencing a lot of pain and difficulty by an eminent scientist expressing his frustration at therapists who explain and give advice: ”Psychologists usually try to help people use insight and understanding to manage their behavior. However, neuroscience research shows that very few psychological problems are the result of defects in understanding; most originate in pressures from deeper regions of the brain that drive our perception and attention.” …  Bessel Van Der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score 2014

Sometimes, advice or counsel is really what you need, and depending on what you bring to my office, therapy as I practice it might sometimes contain only a very small part of the giving of advice.

Counseling and Therapy Services

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Individual Therapy

Deciding to enter a coaching, counseling or therapeutic relationship is big. Every one of us has survived to where we are right now. You might be prepared to tolerate more discomfort

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Group Therapy

An overarching goal of group therapy is to provide a safe forum for the exploration of inner feelings while generating a greater capacity for self-understanding and for empathy toward self and others

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Couples Therapy

Couple therapy can be a lot like individual therapy, meeting once a week more or less, learning to communicate and become intimate with yourself and your partner. It can be focused on managing children or step-children



Supervision for Therapists qualifies under the rules of the CRPO and the Gestalt Institute of Toronto for both individual and group supervisory training. 

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