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Len Ramsay

Coaching, Counseling, and Therapy

Your life can be better. 

Our work is all about you and your relationships, either alone, or with others important to you. My part is to help you by providing a supportive and sometimes challenging environment where you will build mindful awareness of yourself and the world around you, and become more integrated. Conflicts between what you should do and your own interests resolve.  The adaptations you've made to make life bearable become less severe and difficult.  Your life becomes better when you do that. 

I will maintain a non-judgemental, open and receptive attitude and be an attentive and insightful witness in a co-creative process that can release your own energy and allow the strengthening of your own authentic self. Our work is about helping you live more fully, effectively, and even blissfully. Our approach to mental health is about wellness, and the goal is a life with more life in it, especially effectiveness and love. 

Your Life Can Be Better

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Individual Therapy

Deciding to enter a coaching, counseling or therapeutic relationship is big. Every one of us has survived to where we are right now. You might be prepared to tolerate more discomfort

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Group Therapy

An overarching goal of group therapy is to provide a safe forum for the exploration of inner feelings while generating a greater capacity for self-understanding and for empathy toward self and others

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Couples Therapy

Couple therapy can be a lot like individual therapy, meeting once a week more or less, learning to communicate and become intimate with yourself and your partner. It can be focused on managing children or step-children



Supervision for Therapists qualifies under the rules of the CRPO and the Gestalt Institute of Toronto for both individual and group supervisory training. 

Call 416-917-3546

We Will Work Your Trouble, Difficulty and Distress
-- Co-Dependency
- Abuse and Neglect
- Anger Management
- Spirituality and Existence
- Family Conflict and Divorce
- Domestic and Abuse Violence
- Eating Disorders
- Vitality

- Grief and Loss
- Shame
-  Unfinished Business
- Self Esteem
- Self-Harm and Suicide
- Sexuality
- Trauma

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